Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The holidays...they be upon us!

So, I just finished a gut-wrenching semester in my masters program (yea, just a few classes and a thesis left!).   And I suppose I am not REALLY done--as I still have to respond to a couple of discussions, if my partners in crime in the class would post their analysis of the class already!

And, it was a tough semester--so tough in fact, I actually ordered presents from Etsy instead of making my own!  I love all the original thought the crafters on that site put into their products--amazing!

So, I am sitting here looking at my work table...beads, yarn, tons of academic books, one novel a half drunk cup of coffee and some receipts...wait receipts, why oh why did I put it off so long.  Oh yeah, two classes "Organizational Communication" and "International and Intercultural Communication." Got it.

So before I can play, I suppose I must clean.  Anyone else stuck in this during this holiday season?