Thursday, September 12, 2013

Is it autumn yet?

My son asked me what season it was right now.  I told him it's technically summer, but you could really call it early autumn.

I really love autumn -- apples are in season right now, so there is a plethora of apple recipes people are pinning to pinterest.  Pears are also coming in, so I can play with that as well.

Yes, I love all that summer has to offer in the Pacific Northwest -- but I grew up in New England, so autumn will always be near and dear to my heart.   Once my dear friend gets over her horrid late summer cold, I imagine I will start to see autumn leaves from Vermont cover my newsfeed. I can't wait.

But, the problem with transitional times like this is that there are so many things to do outside the shop -- make sure the kids are getting into the routine, make sure lunches are healthy and hearty, make sure the not quite summer and not quite fall clothes are cleaned and often -- and make sure that while the body and mind naturally wants to gravitate toward autumn foods when the crisp morning hits, often by lunchtime it is far to warm to think about baking / cooking / doing anything other than take out.

So this transitional period is often a little slow in my shop -- I am honestly not making very much as I get the kids engaged in school, and get everyone used to the fact we are not in summer anymore.

There are some new items in the shop -- they are pretty classically designed, a wear forever kind of thing.  And, I am fighting with the ever-changing rules of facebook, as in: what on earth do I have to do to get my posts seen.

I am also thinking of adding a few other areas of this blog -- like things I find on Pinterest to do (remember I am a klutz who can sprain an ankle sleeping at night -- so my pintrocities are pretty hysterical).  But the thing really is -- I am not all about the jewelry, seriously, I don't actually wear jewelry very often.   There's just a lot more -- and while I am shy, almost painfully so, maybe I should just do it, you know?

I am also starting to make tutorials for some of my designs, which is often fun.

Looking forward to a productive autumn...



P.S.  As a bit of a plug for the shop -- don't miss out on my Sale going on now, my 15 year wedding anniversary is coming up, so it's certainly a reason to celebrate.