Friday, February 17, 2012

Haven't thought about that for a while...

Oh well, may as well come straight out and say it.  I haven't been making jewelry -- because I do not have that other 'jewelry' support mechanism, a job.  Yes, yes, yes,  I use the day-job to support the jewelry business, although you would think I would be making lots-oh-jewels being out of work this long, right?

Maybe soon.  I finally got off my bumm and mostly cleaned off my jewelry making table.  I luckily have a four day weekend with the kids off school, so there's no running around after them all afternoon, thank goodness.  Am I the only one who is like, "why do you all have to have such vastly different schedules--can't we get this lined up better?"  It's just so weird: Hunt down Timmy at 3 pm, Aidan at 4pm, Maddie at 5 pm -- killing the whole evening.  Then it's dinner, homework, (ahem, for them and me, lol) and getting ready for the next day. 

How do you stay at home moms do it??  Seriously!

So the really big news besides the "yes, yes, I am going to start making pretty shiny stuff again,"  is the last couple of sales.  I didn't really do any marketing over the last year.  I haven't really been pushing myself in the jewelry sales arena because, well frankly, I have been busting my hump looking for a J-O-B.

But, two super fun sales over about the last week--kinda highlighted my days:

That is the "pretty in pink" jade necklace above--and the natural Australian opal below.  The color of the opal is fun, and actually a simple reason why it is not "white" with those flecks of color you see in 'traditional' Australian fire opal.

Maybe another blog...although that particular necklace is one of a kind.