Sunday, January 31, 2010

Well I got around to it.

I went ahead and made more jewelry. With Madison squarely at my side, asking, "Can I make some too," or, "is this your homework you're working on?" Both of which demanded an honest answer.

"Yes. Of course."

So there we are watching me put together a few new pieces, and Madison picking the most hideous girly-girl beads she can find.

Funny though, she feels the need to explain that it's all about the presentation.

Wow, my 9 year old explaining to me the merits of presentation. Making me look back at my pile of finished work and say to myself, I have got to do more designs--not just do the same thing with every piece I always do, simply because that simplicity sells, generally.
So-here I go, next week I am meeting my mother and sister in Phoenix so we can all go to the biggest gem and jewelry show in the country. The Tuscon Show(s).

This is years in the Making. Years.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Well Here we Go.


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So, I have been playing around with the jewelry making thing for a few years now. I have gone in an out, done this and that and finally was forced into making an ETSY Page.

Now, the Etsy Page has been super fun to do, however, I notice that my jewelry on there is all the same.

No big deal-always easy to make more, which of course I will be doing this weekend--after I make the kids clean their room, do my homework for school (Masters in Communication and Leadership, Gonzaga University) and any of the numerous other things I have to get to this weekend.

Oh yeah, that's right the washer is broken, and the dishes are behind, lol. So after I do the many Mommy things I guess I will make some more jewelry.

However, I wonder, since I am only doing this because I am out of work now for a year--how on earth did I make, market and sell so much jewelry when I worked 50-60 hours a week, and still had the three kids to take care of?

No idea whatsoever.