Saturday, January 30, 2010

Well Here we Go.


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So, I have been playing around with the jewelry making thing for a few years now. I have gone in an out, done this and that and finally was forced into making an ETSY Page.

Now, the Etsy Page has been super fun to do, however, I notice that my jewelry on there is all the same.

No big deal-always easy to make more, which of course I will be doing this weekend--after I make the kids clean their room, do my homework for school (Masters in Communication and Leadership, Gonzaga University) and any of the numerous other things I have to get to this weekend.

Oh yeah, that's right the washer is broken, and the dishes are behind, lol. So after I do the many Mommy things I guess I will make some more jewelry.

However, I wonder, since I am only doing this because I am out of work now for a year--how on earth did I make, market and sell so much jewelry when I worked 50-60 hours a week, and still had the three kids to take care of?

No idea whatsoever.
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