Saturday, March 10, 2012

Another Jewelry Show

I don't know about you, but this economy is kicking my butt. My mother is at a planning session for her retirement (go Mom!) and we are planning between us if we can get into the fancy jewelry show that is going up here this weekend.

It's this one: International Gem and Jewelry Show . I really love this show, went a few times in Huston and Austin when I lived in Texas, have been to the Portland one, and as often as I can, I go to the Seattle one.

The only trouble is, a few years back they started charging full pop for kids to get in, insane. Granted, I always have the coupon, bringing the price to 6 bucks entrance from 8, which sounds pretty good.  That is, until you realize there are three kids, and my Mom that go with me, bringing my cost up to almost 40$ just to walk through the door.

I know it seems ridiculous, but in order to keep my prices reasonable for the stuff I like to sell, I have to keep the costs of my materials down. It's bad enough how much gold and silver are now, wow!

A decent pair of earrings now costs over 18 bucks at COST when I use the silver and gold-filled, because the ear-wires and wire alone are above 10. Add to that production costs, and keeping these prices down is hard, hard, hard work.  It's like couponing, selling your own stuff.  Which I do do :)

But, I do have a few designs in mind I hope to bring you in the coming weeks--that is, if we decide we can go.  Otherwise, we are hitting up the 'gemfair' at the Tacoma Dome. Which unfortunately has some very pretty beads right as you enter the door, but they guy who runs that booth is so rude I can not bring myself to buy there -- NO MATTER how pretty the gems are.

Well, off to clean off the beading desk and prepare for the future spring ahead--since I took much of winter off trying to maintain my 4.0 in my masters. 

That's right, I did it, mission accomplished!  4.0 for almost an entire academic year at Gonzaga University!  Woot!