Monday, April 29, 2013

So many changes ...

Well, hubby came home after a 2 month temporary duty down to California (this just short of six weeks home after 2 years away just prior to that -- yeah I know, how on earth do I keep track?  I don't. I rely on the kids to tell me).  And as he was getting ready to come home, we had this stellar weather -- the weather that makes it so you don't really want to sit in your studio working on things?  Yeah, you know it, not a cloud in the sky and 70 degrees. 

So, like anyone, I decided to play as much as I could in between bouts of cleaning.  Neither of these two things ended up working out for me.  Meanwhile the whole pre-coming-home-week was spent with the kids kind of sitting there saying, "since when do you want me to put my clothes in a hamper?  Sacrilege."  No, seriously, it was that bad. 

But, I did get a few items done, and a few requests for custom items that are proving less than fruitful at this point. And for some reason, even though it's not a big color for spring, purple is really working out well for me.  Yeah, I do know there are all kinds of colors for purple, but we all also know that every shade of purple is basically just purple for me.   And Pink :)

Oh and by the way, my dear friend at Moonshine Designs and Photography made me this fabulous shop banner:

Awesome, Right?

So here are a few new spring items I have been working on between dishes, cleaning up after the kids and setting up my old computer since my laptop decided it was done last week sometime.

Monaco Blue Freshwater pearl earrings in Sterling Silver (Posts)

14k Gold Wire Wrapped Fluorite Earrings

Raw Garnet Wire Wrapped Ring in 14k Gold Filled

Rose Smoke Mystic Quartz Wire Wrapped Post Earrings in Sterling Silver

Ombre Pink Ruby Large Hoop Earrings in Sterling Silver (July Birthstone)

Raw Citrine Statement Necklace in 14k Gold Filled (November Birthstone)
And Remember, The Mother's Day Sale is going on for One More week.  I ask that stateside (domestic orders) be placed by May 6th, 2013 so that I can get the items to you for Mother's Day.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Moonshine Designs and Photography: How To Use Custom White Balance in Lightroom 3

Been having a few weather and photography issues of late because of the very --- uhhh --- temperamental weather here in Seattle.  So after I took a few indoor photos of my pictures, I noticed the "white" wasn't "white" in the final product. 

So, I asked my dear friend what to do about this -- as photos are key for me to show you what my jewelry looks like.  She sent me this wonderful post explaining what I could do so that I didn't have to reshoot the pictures. 

It's pretty awesome.

Moonshine Designs and Photography: How To Use Custom White Balance in Lightroom 3: I would assume the process is the same for Lightroom 4.  Currently I am still using Lightroom 3 because at this time I cannot justify a $100...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Discussions of Spring

Spring is all around me -- with lovely flowers poking through the ground to torrential downpours keeping me inside several days during each week.  I spend my days alternating between the "I really have to finish the kitchen cleaning" to "ooh, look, something shiny on my desk to play with."

My mom and I, when discussing spring, eventually end up on the history of spring celebrations and house-hunting.  I know it's an odd mix, but Mom and I are an odd pair.  I often get nearly giddy when the sun comes out -- because that means I can run the kids into delirium, walk to the pool not feeling odd about wearing sweats and the like, and finally, after long gray winter days -- take much better photographs so that you can see the jewelry in all its glory. 

Oooh, look, something shiny.

It also brings us to the almost end of spring celebration:  Mother's Day.  Granted, it's for us Moms, grandmas, even aunts.  It's kind of fun, that Sunday where you can honestly tell your kids -- all I want for Mother's Day is for you to clean your rooms without me asking. Which is actually asking now -- isn't it?

This Mother's Day, my husband will be home -- which will be odd, to say the least.  I do not remember the last Mother's Day -- or worse Anniversary -- I spent with my husband.  I wonder -- really I do -- what will he do?

Which brings us back to my conversation with my Mom.  We spent a good hour lamenting on how hard it is to choose something for each other.  Inevitably we will end up at Barnes and Noble, buying each other a book or gift card.   It's tough -- do you have any go-to gifts for the mother in your life?