Wednesday, May 5, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

Mmmm, shiny, yummy, flash heavy Labradorite.  My mother absolutely loves this stone.  And why not?  It is utterly covered in charm and flash.

As feldspars go, it is a wonderful gray stone, with fantastic blue and green 'flash' or shiny sparkles within the stone.  It comes in traditional gray color which is impressive.  Related to Moonstone (close enough to call sister stones) it is also related to Sunstone (also called red or orange labradorite) and Larvikite (black labradorite) as well as Spectrolite (Blue Labradorite). 

 Traditional "gray" labradorite in its natural form.

Spectrolite (blue labradorite made with 'Tahitian' colored peacock pearls)

My mother loves this stone not only for its inherent flash, but also its healing and 'mystical' properties.  Apparently there is an old Eskimo legend that tells of the northern lights being imprisoned in the stone found on the coast of Labrador.  While labradorite is famously found in Labrador, in Canada--the most sought after gem quality versions of this stone are from Finland.

Labradorite is said to help with visions--as in help you see the path you should be on.  It is used in healing and to purge oneself of negative attitudes.

My only personal issue with Labradorite is that my mother loves it so much I can not bear to pass up at least one strand of labradorite at any given gem and jewelry show I go to.  I always find some amount of stone she would simply adore and therefore have a  ridiculous amount in my personal collection as well as in my shop.
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