Tuesday, December 28, 2010

As I've mentioned before...

Well, kindof.  I went off on this tangent a few months ago, talking about stones, especially their historical significance, and in that post I mentioned Beryl.

Beryl a stone that comes in three distinct colors, pink, yellow, blue and green.  Only one is precious.

Pink Beryl: in all its luster is called Morganite. Its lovely, demure and makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. No, just kidding, but for a girl who loves pink--it's a divine stone.  A lovely example is found in Maine: http://www.maine.gov/museum/exhibits/gemsminerals/window2.html

Yellow Beryl:  From the ancian name of the sun, Heliodor. The yellow tone resonates with personal power and personal intellect in a healing capacity.  Or so it is said.   Some examples: http://skywalker.cochise.edu/wellerr/mingem/gemtp/heliodor/heliodorL.htm

Blue Beryl: the talisman of travelers, especially those making an ocean voyage, Aquamarine. Since I make every bit of Aquamarine I purchase for a dear friend of mine, I have little in the way of personal pieces to show you. But, I imagine Jessica enjoys a new raw form of her birthstone every March. 

And finally the consumate beryl, colored green, and the only color of the stone considered precious, though it is the most prone to imperfection: Emerald.


Because I have red hair, and pale complexion, emerald is often my favorite stone. I know, I know, its arrogant, self-obsorbed and silly. But such is the personality of someone who memorizes useless information at the frequency I do--like info about stones, their properties and meanings.

Each of the aforementioned stones shall of course have their own, detailed informational post for those wanting to know more.
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