Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Playing around...

You know that saying -- don't mess with something that works? Yeah, I am not so good at following that saying.

See, my problem is that I want to learn -- even if the process I am using is still working just fine. Which, Etsy seems to be doing pretty well by me. It's simple, I can change how my shop looks whenever I want, and with Etsy changing their coding quite often -- I am always having to learn their process as they tweek.

But, I can't just let things lay around, working. So, for the past few days I have been learning how to make my own shop -- I am sure you have seen me play with the coding on here, but I have chosen to try one more step and create my own website / shop.

Look forward to it in the near future -- I will announce it here when I am ready to share. But, remember, I am a perfectionist, so it may be a bit :)

In the meantime -- it's wildflower and sunshine season here in the Pacific Northwest so I will be out playing and getting sunburned more often than normal for a while.

The photo here is a design I am playing with -- I hope to make hair jewels, headbands and some pretty earrings/ pendants with this branch design. Think Art Deco and The Great Gatsby with where these are going :)

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