Monday, August 12, 2013

Mystic Jewelry

I was just going over my facebook posts for today and noticed I have a whole lot of "mystic" this and "mystic" that.  Which leads me to say --  what exactly is Mystic?

Well, I would love to think its one of those stones that actually has mystic properties -- but it doesn't, it's generally a heated finish to create an AB or aurora borealus (that's right, northern lights) finish on a stone, glass or I guess whatever they can get the metal (used in the bonding process) to "bond" to.

So -- the nitty gritty.  What is "Mystic"?

They mystic "coating" is bonded to a stone usually using a metal, and most commonly using a clear stone.  That is how one gets "Mystic Topaz" especially.  I know I know it's all shiny and stuff, and it's unfortunate it doesn't actually happen in nature.  I do personally view the process a little different than say heating a stone to change the color.   See below:

Mystic Labradorite Drop Dangle Earrings in Sterling Silver
 This pair of earrings was created with a labradorite roundel that had been given a "mystic' coating -- normally titanium (the metal) bonded through heat to the stone (labradorite) to make it AB shiny  -- like the northern lights.  I know, I know -- why on earth would one do that with a fledspar that normally has actual AB inclusions that makes it shine and shimmer?

(Feldspards are the family of stones that contain Moonstone, Labradorite and Sunstone -- all naturally sparkly and shiny, even the non 'sparkly' regular moonstone).

But, meh, I guess the person who created these stones decided they just needed 'more' -- it's cool, I get it. Kind of.  But, not really.  It's still got that little extra something, you know?
Emerald Green Quartz Earrings in Sterling Silver

These beautiful earrings were treated with heat -- and only heat to bring out this green color.    They are naturally clear crystal quartz -- but in the heating process (usually using gamma radiation heat to bring out other colors -- which is hysterical if you see this became a big pair of green gemstones, like the Hulk becoming giant and green after his exposure to gamma radiation.  Don't worry, you won't become the Hulk from wearing these, but you will look like a million bucks.)  other colors are brought out, in this case "Emerald Green". 

So, why all the "mystic" in my shop then?  I honestly don't know, but I am pretty certain my daughter has something to do with it.   But it sort of is fun to photograph -- just to see if I can bring out those color scapes added to the gemstones in my photography.   Hint:  I am not so good at it.

Pink Mystic Quartz Ring in 14k Gold Filled

Mystic Pink Quartz Cube Drop Dangle Earrings  -- Sterling Silver

Mystic Pink Quartz Post Earrings in Sterling Silver

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