Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gemstones: Meanings or Chemical Properties?

I am supposed to be writing my Thesis.  I really do intend to write a lot today--but I am amazed each day as we get closer to the holidays how many people are poking around in the shop.  I am honestly humbled by this, as it is always a shock that people across the globe seem to not only enjoy the fun and flirty, but also the conservative, wear-forever, pieces I design.

I spend a little too much time on the metaphysical meanings of the gemstones -- I really got into this from my mother who decided she loved labradorite, not only for its wonderful "flash", but also for the "meaning of the stone."  I remember when we first started going to gem shows she would always gaze at labradorite and chose some because it was "supposed to show me my life's path."

I found humor in that because when we started this, she was in her late 50's and I was in my late 20's.  I remember thinking, "well if you haven't found it by now, I don't know if you will."  She still adores Labradorite, but she has expanded to other stones--she had a thing for Amethyst this year and I am certain it is because of that poem: "Warning."  The first line is: "When I am an old woman I shall wear purple." (Entire Poem). Although, I don't exactly consider her old.  In my mind she will forever be mid-40's, as I remember her from my youth.  True, she ages exceedingly well -- but still, even as I get older, she seems to stay the same age to me.

Amethyst by the way is a healing stone, associated with the planet Saturn and the 7th Chakra. It is said to guard against unpleasant feelings of self, and to guard against witchcraft.  Healers wear it often during healing in order to focus energy, and it is said to help with opening your psychic self.   I am honestly not sure what that all means -- but it sure does seem nice.

Lately though, I have been focusing on smaller pieces -- so that there is that little level of the gemstone, but with a dainty and flirty appearance.  My new favorites are the same design, basically, but rich with meaning.

These ultra-dainty Red Ruby Dangle Earrings are just adorable. 
Ruby is a wonderful gemstone -- a precious stone, but bright red so a symbol of love.  It's perfect for July birthdays as it's July's birthstone, but also adds something beautiful for the holidays.  Considered the most powerful stone in the universe (how did "they" decide that? I mean, do we know all the stones?), Ruby wards off bad dreams, is a symbol of friendship and love and is also a symbol of royalty and vitality.  Supposedly it also helps a person be the best person they can be. 

These dainty sapphires are the same design, but finished in sterling silver to add fun contrast.
Sapphire is an interesting stone also -- and actually the same stone as ruby but with other impurities that change the color.  Sapphires are said to be a stone of fidelity and destiny.  Also, they can help with clarity and financial rewards.  (I should take these off the site and wear them myself, lol.)  I love the color though -- as rubies are difficult for me to pull off with my red hair and coloring.  For some reason it just doesn't work -- but my daughter looks fabulous in rubies, lucky.

These Pearl and Diamond Earrings are a take on the same design -- but with Victorian Christmas Colored Pearls and dainty Raw Diamond accents.  I am surprised my daughter did not steal these yet.
Pearls and Diamonds -- ahhh.  Pearl is my daughter's birthstone and there is some great ancient lore behind the pearl.  It is said to occur when a drop of rain fell from heaven and became the heart of the oyster.  It's also called the teardrops of the moon.  Diamond on the other hand, does not have it's own healing energy, it supplements the energies of other stones.  And in all reality I added them to this design to make the earrings shine a little more.

For me, I like to have the gemstone meanings -- and I like to research what makes a stone a stone.  I sometimes get into the nitty-gritty of what makes that stone a stone.  Take Amethyst, Citrine and Crystal Quartz:  technically all the same stone, they even form together, it's just a mater of the impurities that bring out the color.  To me, that's fascinating.

I think however, no matter how you look at a stone, a something to match an outfit, as something to mean something that you wear, or as a healing stone -- they all comes down to pretty.  And there is deep beauty in how stones are formed, creating the rich variety of color out there in the world.  And frankly, playing with the stones calms my often weary heart and mind -- as imagine wearing them makes customers feel like a million bucks. 

We've been adorning ourselves for centuries with stones, but as a teacher in writing I once had always said -- it's not the pearls that make the necklace, it's the string that holds it all together. I really like that thought -- but sometimes the stringing is harder than choosing the stones.  Just sayin'.

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