Thursday, December 12, 2013

Playing with Fire

No seriously -- it's been a rough holiday season in my etsy shop.  I have no clue what is going on with views and sales -- mainly I am concerned with views.

It's just such a strange phenomena -- to work incredibly hard throughout a few years to really build it from scratch -- then to have it explode into something wonderful.  Something where you can almost see the light of "why yes, I can make this work."  Then -- something changes.  Something you really can't figure out what -- like you have worked on SEO for the shop, worked on photography, perfected your product and descriptions, and still you are often dead in the water.

It's a time to just maybe thing about having other venues.  I have played with the idea of my own shop / storefront website, but to be honest I am not very good at coding.  (Don't worry, I still try, lol).  So, instead, I keep plugging away on Etsy -- feeling like a "new" or "undiscovered" shop this holiday season.

So -- I played around with Artfire -- another handmade venue -- which has a nifty Etsy import thing to make integration pretty easy.   However, what Artfire doesn't have for me is an app that goes "cha-ching" whenever someone purchases an item.  Also, not as easy to integrate into my Facebook platform -- also I am not familiar with how guilds work as opposed to teams, and since its the holidays, I really can't spend time I should be creating / listing / mailing on reading up on how to rebuild a shop again.

But -- I did figure out how to do this little thingy :)

Check out directly from here. Fast. Secure. Simple.


maggiesjewelry's ArtFire Shop

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