Monday, May 5, 2014

Gloomy Monday -- Bright Orchid

     I admit -- I have my phone set to "do not disturb" each evening because I also have push notifications set for all my sites.  Often, there are sales in the middle of the night, and before I set my phone to "do not disturb" I woke up to loud cha-ching's or "dings" in the middle of the night. 

     It's an odd situation though, not seeing anything until the next morning, so invariably, I feel like I wake up behind -- not that I would be able to honestly ship in the middle of the night.  It doesn't matter, I still feel behind, because I often feel like many of my items are gifts and needed quickly.  

     So I prepare items for shipping at the crack of dawn, as my kids are dressing for school, so that I can mail quickly in the morning (knowing full well that item's won't really move at the post office until specific times are met -- 1:30 pm is the earliest on weekdays, 5:30 pm is the latest).  Still, I like to have items there because in my mind they are still "moving" along their trajectory to their final, happy destination. 

2014 year of Radiant Orchid by CoolAndChic

It's also started raining again.  Here in Seattle, it's not unexpected -- but this late in the year a bit of an annoyance because by now we are all sort of ready for the fabulous summer the Pacific Northwest usually provides.  We got a glimpse of it last week:  72-80 degrees and fabulously sunny.  It was pretty much a green heaven for two-days.  Then, the 20% chance of rain struck, meaning pretty much 100% in the end.
Hence the gloom -- but after my "do not disturb" ended this morning, I woke up to the wonderful, bright, beautiful sunshiny treasury above.  Pretty much made me want to blast "shiny happy people" this morning. But, alas, my husband was home -- not having physical training because of duty yesterday -- and certainly needing a bit of 'vege' time prior to "spring cleaning" happening around his office this week.

Here's to bright sunshiny weather that will eventually head our way -- at least that's what the national weather service tells us.  Please be correct, NWS -- it often seems as though you just sort of throw darts to explain weather phenomena here in the Pacific Northwest.


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