Sunday, July 27, 2014

What to do...

So yeah, I love my back yard.  Sure, I can also see the millions of things I need to do to make it super pretty.  But for now I love it.

There are three sections -- divided most ingeniously by the previous owners of my house.  While I do have certain plans to take out some of the items they grew here (I am not a fan of ivy going pretty wild) -- the general separation is just plain calming. 

I spend much of my time in the middle back yard -- an area just covered in fruit trees and greenery.  It's raised on a bed of rocks that remind me of growing up in New York -- like those huge rock-walls around grand estates.  The people who lived here before put in so much time and effort into those rock walls -- I just can't bear to take them down. 

So, I sit -- on a raised 'circle' of grass, which is separated from the rest of the yard by an apple tree, a cherry tree and a plum tree.  Those three trees make a triangle that the circle sits inside.  Within that area -- I allow my husbands dogs to have their dog houses and play as much as they want because they just didn't get that in the apartment, so we're making up for lost time.  It provides shade, grass for them to roll around in, and apples -- which the midget doggy just loves.

Surrounding this raised bed of grass and fruit trees and fully separating the front back, the middle back and the back - back is a stone path that meanders through hazelnut trees, roses over an arbor, rose bushes -- my planting beds for gardening are on one side -- and my little shed that eventually I will "re-purpose". 

I am back there all the damn time.  Instead of making jewelry.  Instead of cleaning house.  Heck, instead of unpacking.   There is this innate serenity back there, a calm that is almost indescribable.  It's addicting, like not being able to put down a good book.  But the trouble is -- the book never quite ends.  I am back there constantly.  Moving my lawn furniture to either follow the shade or the sun depending on the temp outside. 

So now -- where in the apartment I was always behind because I was always stressed -- I am always behind here because I am seeking out the calm far too often. (In fact, once I finish this post I am going out there to check on the garden and relax before I clean house -- yeah I will totally get to cleaning house.)

Here's some green -- so you can love the outdoors a bit today also.

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