Friday, February 20, 2015

I've been working --- no really.

I've had a lot on my plate lately.  And the weather hasn't been all that friendly until the last week or so.  Which -- of course -- drove me outside instead of into my office to take photos in full sun.  It's been painful, knowing I have a ton of work to do (I am still working on opening that beading shop, after-all) but still just longing for spring.   Which I am pretty sure a lot of us are out there -- especially after the weather of the last couple of weeks across the country.

But I noticed, while speaking to a customer who was having me design a pair of earrings for her, how much difference a day can make, when you're this far north and fighting with the overcast nature of the Pacific Northwest.

Let me give you a quick example:

This is an older item of mine -- Green Opal Hoop Earrings.  But, my customer wanted these in a smaller hoop size (totally understand -- I too am not a large hoop person).

So, I made her these:

She contacted me and asked if the opals from the first pair of earrings were available -- and I didn;t really understand, because they are all from the same strand.

Then I looked at this:

This is a green opal bracelet -- also made from the same strands of opals, bought at the same time, from the same vendor in order to have continuity across the designs I wanted to make with them.

The only difference?  The photos are taken in vastly different lighting.  The first on is in a hand made light box -- using a camera phone because my camera battery was dead at the time I needed to get those up.

The second photo was taken yesterday -- an overcast and dreary day, totally altering the light temp of the photo.  And the final photo was taken in full sun, at mid-day, during summer.

As many of my items are made as they are ordered in the shop -- in fact most are -- I didn't understand what my customer was asking (plus I have a little bit of a flu, so I am slow on the uptake this week.).  It took me going back and looking at the photos to realize my error in showing the photos the way I did.  I must take the photos in equal light temp I think from now on -- which is often going to push back my listing dates :(  Kind of a bummer, but part of living in the PNW I presume.

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