Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Scorpio Birthstone

There is something absolutely fascinating about looking up alternate birthstones.  Well, mostly because I am not a big fan of my own birthstone for a variety of reasons.  Knowing that when early December arrives I will have alternates to choose from -- you know if I want to trust my hubby with purchasing jewels that is-- I will be able to choose something I will potentially enjoy soothes me.

My mother is a Scorpio, and she was very excited when I started researching all the variety of stones available to her during both her birth month and her Zodiac sun sign.   See, traditionally for October she has opal -- she is not fond of opal and calls it an "emotional stone."  Which is somewhat true metaphysically or mystically.

However, she loves her alternate birthstone: Tourmaline.  And so do I, but I am not born in October, sigh again.  Being under the sun sign Scorpio affords her certain rights to claim Topaz as her own -- I suppose since Topaz is November's birthstone, and Scorpio is mostly November.

Onwards and upwards to Scorpio's alternate birthstone:

Beryl:  This stone I consider the biggest win for my mother, because beryl is chosen as a broad term here, meaning it can also be any of the 4 main beryls.  The four main beryls being Heliodor (Golden), Morganite (Pink), Aquamarine (Need I say more? Blue)  And the one I think she really likes (no doubt due to our mutual coloring, making green stones shine) Emerald.   Decisions, Decisions.

This "Lady Sings the Blues" includes both Topaz and Aquamarine

"Rain" is designed with Moss Aquamarine Briolettes, Moss Aquamarine Roundelles and Sapphire, evoking Seattle Rainy Day Weather.

Amethyst:   Ahh, lovely purple Amethyst.  I am certain they mean the stark purple Amethyst, and not any of the man-made types, such as Green Amethyst. Since Amethyst is in fact a description of the definitive color of said semi-precious quartz crystals, I don't have much doubt is saying:  they probably are going traditional here.

To be honest, I am a bit jealous of my Mommy. Hopefully, I will be able to find out I have some rockingly awesome alternate gemstones in lieu of Turquoise.

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