Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Holiday Sale Coupon Codes

I have been putting a lot of thought into the sale for this year -- so that I can include most holidays under the umbrella that will likely become "Black Friday," "Shop Small Saturday" and "Cyber Monday."

Here's the thing -- I have decided to open this sale way earlier than I previously thought for a variety of reasons.

1) I know it's easier to plan things when you know when the sale will be anyhow -- so I am starting it today.

2) I know it's easier to plan when the sale is open for a longer period of time -- and available to my international customers to order early, using the same sale code as my stateside customers.  That's just plain fair play.

3) Hanukkah falls early this year -- While not as early as next year, the festival of lights does begin December 8th -- cutting "Black Friday Sales" a bit too close for my comfort.

4) By opening it now -- and using a coupon code, you can tell how much something is that you will like and plan around pay-days since I know, as a military wife, sometimes the holidays are tight.

5) It's frankly easier for me -- I like to upgrade the speed of the shipping for early orders, and ask personally if you want anything special, i.e., a gift box, a personalized note, do you need me to wrap it for you?  All of these items I do at no extra charge during the holidays...and early orders make it so nothing is rushed on my end.

 I quality check my items 3 times -- once before the photo shoot, once before I place the item into tarnish resistant bags, and one final time before I ship.  I know, it's a bit obsessive, but I need to know the quality I send out is the quality I would expect to arrive -- and I am all about high quality.

So, there you have my stance on the holiday sale this year  -- and why I have opened it today.

Use Coupon Code Holiday2012 for any item in the store, your discount will be 20% off. 

And now for Shameless self-promotion.  Here are some birthstone ideas for holiday gifts -- I have difficulty shopping for some members of my friends and family, and birthstones can be a go-to for difficult to shop for.

You can visit the shop at Maggie's Jewelry for more gift ideas.

Happy Holidays!

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