Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sometimes, it's just a disappointment

I left the show yesterday with two strands.  That's it.  Often I leave s show with at least 100 strands of gemstones -- and big plans.

But, I was disappointed yesterday.  For a few reasons -- one the quality didn't seem to be there and two the prices certainly were.

I want to get gemstones at reasonable rates because it all goes back to my fundamental goals for this project:  To make jewelry that is affordable to everyone, but still has that absolute quality you expect from a professional.

Maybe it was me -- maybe bringing my kids wasn't the best choice yesterday.  But they are very into this business I run -- often I allow them to chose stones and products they think would work well in the store.  Providing that they give me an honest, well thought out argument as to why.

I know I sound a bit like a Tiger Mom there -- and I guess some would argue I have that in me.  But really, it's about getting them to think about things -- how things in the business are affected by decisions made.  Without that at a young age, how are they going to be fully critical thinkers, right?

Aidan, my youngest, recently went to a "young entrepreneur training" session with Boeing.    He's 10.

I have spent most of their lives fostering this thought process in them: frame the argument, back it up with facts and then explain to me analytically why you made that decision.  I have allowed them to make decisions for themselves their whole lives -- supposing they can argue their point.

Which is why I allowed my oldest to frame his argument that my emotions played to large a role in leaving the show disappointed yesterday.  And, why I allowed him to decide if we go back today.

He won.
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