Saturday, July 20, 2013

Music and it's inspirational merits...

Let me be clear -- I can not sing.  Sure, I often do -- off key and in my own home.   There is something deep and emotional about listening to music. In fact much of my jewelry comes from inspiration found during not-one-second-wasted cleaning marathons, while blasting music.

Also, as a former DJ, I do have a deep love of expression through music -- especially when the music is deeply emotional and full of meaning.  But much of my favorite music has the kind of lyrical connotaion that I can make my own meaning from the words.

Take the odd reality of my two (current) favorite songs -- and their underlying stories, as well as the interesting information about me personally that will follow.

This is the original version -- and a full video, which will impart some interesting visuals to go along with the lyrics.  And by the way, the Coldplay version is not my favorite -- it's this one by Weezer: 

They sound pretty similar -- but to me the Coldplay Version seems a little more forced, like trying to force deep meaning out of the lyrics.  Plus, I have a little thing for "Lost"  -- sure it got a little strange those last two seasons and such -- bouncing around through time.  But, I found those last few episodes just beautiful, so well done.

The next song I am deeply in love with, though it is slower, it is also a good song for cleaning:
There is something deep and wonderful about Helleluja --If you close your eyes, you can see the imagry take you away to what the writer is telling you in the song.

Both of these songs have very religious imagery -- and I am not a religious person.   So why are my two currently favorite songs filled with that imagry?  Who knows -- but I will tell you songs to me are about the imagry they create with the lyrics -- which is how I garner inspiration for jewelry from the songs. 

Take Adele's "Set Fire To the Rain" -- imagine the imagery of actually setting Fire to the Rain -- what would this create?  To me in my head, I see Padparadscha Sapphire and London Blue Topaz in a Ring of fire (sapphires)  with the rain (London blue topaz) at the bottom.  It's what that song creates in my mind.

So-- Why am I talking about music here, it's not what this is all about right?   Well a dear old friend of mine once sang a song when we were out one night -- years ago.   I can still hear it in my mind, and the haunt is still as deep as it was then.  Her Voice is just that wonderful and powerful, reaching into the depths of my soul and letting me feel what the original artist meant when she sang this:

So when this old friend said she was raising money to tryout for "The Voice"  I had to support her -- because I can still hear Jewel's words tumbling out of Nastassia's lips.  She is that wonderful a singer. 

Please Consider Donating to her GoFundMe to get her to "The Voice."

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