Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Field Trip -- Outside the Scope of the Shop

Yesterday morning I checked my email.  I often leave one day a weekend off from checking my email -- to sort of unplug.  I prefer to leave two days off and take a whole weekend with the family -- but sometimes I also want to get things in the mail on Saturdays so that Mondays in the shop are not completely nuts.

They usually are anyhow.  Inevitably, I am out of coffee or creamer come bright and early Monday mornings -- and getting the kiddos moving for school is often a trial.  But, between the "don't take forever in the shower" to one kid and the "make sure you have your homework packed up" to the others,  I managed to get a bit of email read.

So I had an email from an instructor in a Veteran's Writing class I am taking (love this class by the way) asking if I wanted to go to a special screening of a movie about to come out -- Dom Hemingway.  Hubby and I used to love going to movies together -- before the diapers, bottles of milk and need for baby sitters. We just haven't been able to do that for a long, long time.

So I showed hubby the previews online -- and he was very much into it, being the movie buff he is.  Since we're trying to get a house (with a bigger studio for the shop, no doubt) we've been kind of living cheaper than normal as it were.  So the chance to take hubby to a "free" movie, as a date -- total bonus and something that kind of needed to happen. 

It was tough getting up there (we live south of Seattle -- and getting around downtown is sometimes trial and error for us, even with the genius of Siri yelling at me constantly the whole way up there).  It was even tougher when at the golden hour I had to drive right past the turn to my favorite all time bead shop -- Fusion Beads.  (Seriously, check out their website and inspiration pages at fusionbeads.com -- those folks there are amazing and provide that touch of personal service that is perfect and not overwhelmingly geared toward the sale).  I almost cried passing it by for the move -- as hubby tried to convince me it was no longer open for the evening.

Like I didn't know.

We barely made it in time for the movie -- having to drive around the block a few times to find parking, with Siri telling me I was doing it all wrong and passing my destination about half a dozen times.  Once we were seated -- it was even more hilarious as I realized that maybe I should have turned off the kids' phone restrictions, originally set up for homework time.   Sometimes I am literally brilliant, I say.

It was an interesting experience, to say the least. 

We were (or at least I was) worrying most of the way through the movie if our car was going to be locked up or towed while we were watching the free movie.  I was nearly certain it was going to be the most expensive "free movie" in the history of the world.  Luckily our car was there -- and not locked up.  We got home and bolted to all the kids rooms making sure they were okay, since as we pulled in, both hubby and I had a little heart attack seeing both an ambulance and fire truck in the parking area of our apartment.

Needless to say, I did not get done what I needed to in the shop yesterday -- which should be a sign for me.  I spend a lot of time working all the parts of this shop, the design, the photos (I hate trying to get the backgrounds just right) the marketing, etc., it's a lot more work than I realized -- that taking a few hours to go on a date with hubby set me back what feels like a whole day.

Maybe when we decide to get a place with a bigger studio space -- maybe that will make it easier to turn off for the evenings.  It's funny, really, I am just as much a work-a-holic running my own shop as I ever was working outside of this creative business.

Maybe I need to slow down a bit more often.

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