Friday, April 11, 2014

It's a Spring Sale, but it's something more...

Currently, My Etsy Shop is having a "Spring Sale" -- boasting 25% off every item in the shop.  It's pretty exciting. 

I've locked my 'packaging' up in air tight containers -- in case any of my lovely customers have as much trouble with the heavy pollen years (like this year) as I do.  This was taken last year -- this year we are more heavily in bloom, thank you allergy medication for making life bearable to enjoy the season.

But there is a reason behind just Spring Time here -- hopefully we are moving to a larger studio space next month, and to do that,  I am discounting the shop so that I have an easier time of moving. 

Let's be honest -- I am a pretty prolific creator right now, there are literally hundreds of items in my shop.  Yes, each one is made by me, personally.  Which means in my now tiny studio, there is limited space for both the finished products and the "parts".

That is a super horrible photo of a fraction of my gemstones -- yes I do keep them color coded like that, and since that is a while ago I have about a half dozen more of those tiny little organization containers.  Now, however, I have them separated by gemstones, glass, crystal and pearls -- but all still color coded.

Another bad picture -- clearly I have to refinish my desk prior to the move (am hoping to convince hubby to get me a new "set up")  but those are a fraction of the strands I barely have the space to even get into.  Look at those Placid Blue pearls I can barely think of touching.  Sigh.

I know, I know it seems selfish -- I am putting all the items on sale so that I can work more items, lol.   But, I figured also (probably not the best business acumen here, but it is my shop after all) hey, it's almost mother's day -- and if I had the space, I could finally finish some of those personalized necklaces I have been jonesing to create.

Soon, I can only say soon. 

Happy Spring -- and happy shopping.
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