Saturday, April 17, 2010


So here is is 9am, and we were supposed to leave for Houston at 7 for a new Jewelry Show.  It's about 3.5 hours from here, or so I hear--but I am still waiting for Matt to get home from a night in the pouring rain on the range watching stuff...again, I hear.

We are specifically going to look at pearls and shell pearls for a few custom orders that are coming in for mothers day--especially some for my sister Sarah who loves her some pearls.

Which reminds me, in between class stuff, interview stuff and housework stuff I should try to fit in a few more articles on pearls.  I still have to cover salt water pearls, fresh water pearls and some of the funky named pearls, like Akoya, Tahitian, etc.  I am certain you will be surprised when I tell you how simple it is to memorize the pearl information.

Also, I think I should get into some neat information about certain stones, like Beryl.  Beryl is an interesting thing--it comes in four distinct colors when it is high end--the two most famous being Aquamarine (blue) and Emerald (green).  Yes that's right, Emerald and Aquamarine are basically the same stone but with different amounts of certain minerals in there. 

The pink you see is Morganite, which is a fun stone all itself, and the Yellow is Heliador.  Which are fantastic historical names invoking wonderful Mythical human remembrances.  Think Morgan, queen of the faey, and Heliador comes from none other than an ancient name for Sun. Rather fitting, no...especially when you go through what these fantastic stones originally meant linguistically. 
Did I tell you all I have this odd fascination with Etymology and historical meanings of words and names.  Yup, I do.

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