Sunday, April 4, 2010

Oh wow, did I just do that?

So I made myself a promise recently.  After searching for a supplier of gems from over seas, and being disappointed in the stones that arrived but further the customer service I got through email correspondence...I promised myself that I would not buy any more gems until I was up in Washington this summer for not one, but two shows.
 1) The Intergem show that happens in June in the Seattle Center and Northwest rooms.  I love that show.  It is separated so I can wear my kids out usually between the retail section and the wholesale walking them halfway across the Seattle Center.  Super cool. Plus there is this fabulous supermarket across the street from where my mom and I park every year.  (
2) The Puget Sound Bead Festival.  This happens in the first part of July in Tacoma, usually at the Sheraton or something.  We end up parking at my Alma mater, ( and walking the kids to the show because its cramped and tight spaces usually.  My mother loves it, I kinda get freaked out in crowds, but its still a wonderful show. (

Then I got online just to look.

100$ later I broke my promise to myself as I hit, "Confirm purchase."

Sigh, I have no will power.
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