Wednesday, April 21, 2010


It's been a few days and I have been literally swimming in my new gems and jewels.  I bought a lot for the site, but seriously, when looking at them, how am I to give them up personally?  It's the selfish streak when I look especially at the super grade AAA Lapis Lazuli briolettes.  Mmmm, Lapis Lazuli.  Mmmm.  Nuff said.

So I have been playing with funky new stones I have not had int he shop before, as well as sold standbys that are always in season, like Jade and Pearls.

Oh yeah pearls, wasn't I supposed to write more on that topic?  I am sure I was.

So next stop will be Salt Water Pearls in variety that come with them naturally--like Tahitian.  I may skim across Akoya, but those are actually cultured and probably should not go into 'natural' pearls.

Ever wonder how they get those deep colors on cultured pearls?  They dye the water they culture (grow) the pearls in.  Interesting, no?

This is a custom order for Shell Pearls from my site, they turned out nice, no?  And somewhat different indeed from the original set of mixed Pearls and Jade, as seen below.

Funny, those are the same colors, but different sizes, no?
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