Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hand me the coffee, and back away slowly...

So I am writing this way too late -- and have found myself having to make to-do lists again.  See the thing is, I generally have a killer memory in things I have to do, but I think that sense of accomplishment goes a long way of checking things off the to-do list.

Therefore, even though I should be writing about the jewelry show from last weekend -- and some of the lovely gemstones both my mother and daughter picked out, I won't. 

See, I have this list...and it's a bit crazy.  It's full of amazingly unrelated things, like clean the kitchen, and return library books, smashed in-between do your homework and update social media.  By the way, no where on there did I add 'write blog post', because I thought I had enough on there --- yet here I am, trying to use coffee time productively. 

See, Maggie here (puts up two thumbs "this guy" style) literally can not function without coffee in the morning.  I am talking to the point of not being able to form simple coherent sentences.  In fact, some of my friends, when they figure this out (even though I tell them, they think I am exaggerating) decide to call me at the butt-crack of dawn and listen as a generally communicative personality suddenly can not form a sentence. Then they laugh, at least for a full day, sometimes it stretches into a week or so.

I hear it's quite funny.

But, to be honest, I really have a long, intense list for today...yet, here I am, avoiding it, so that I can enjoy another cup o' joe.  Speaking of Joe--I know this whole coffee addiction started years ago, while in uniform.  Yes this girl (two thumbs) was in the US Army at one time in her life.

 If you would like to help other people in Uniform get their coffee fix, please donate to cup of Joe for a Joe:

It's a great program and makes men and women overseas so happy to be the lucky one to get that cup of Joe, while downrange.

And, I promise, one of these days I will show all the lovely jewels I got at the show -- right after I finish my list and revamp this blog, I really hate how the top looks these days.
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