Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I honestly do love you, Washington State.

There are a lot of reasons I choose to live in the Pacific Northwest -- one of those reasons, however, is not our stunningly reliable weather.

 I recently started re-shooting some pictures of items -- as well as finally getting around to shooting pictures of new items I have made since, well, about March -- and don't you know after a whole summer of skyrocketing temperatures and consistent sunshine, it decided to cloud over. Just as I was getting the camera together and choosing the lens to shoot with. Maybe I should just go for those post-apocalyptic pictures of items that seem to always make it to etsy's front page -- you know, since I have it built in here in Seattle. Don't get me wrong, those pictures are so lovely, so wonderful, and always have such wonderful qualities. But be honest now -- when am I going to be in lighting like that?

 So I go for 'natural lighting' which as many people say, is sunshine at like high noon on the equator or something... you know have a gunfight at the OK Corral at the same time out there while you are setting your props and models for shoots of earrings.

But really, what is 'natural lighting' up here? It's certainly not the sun...which leads me to one of the many reasons I actually choose to live here.

 Unlike one of my best friends from High School -- I am really not a big fan of heat or sunshine. Sure, I enjoy some summer days -- but much like the cold, dead, rain in winter here, after a few months it just gets old. Plus there is that whole allergy thing with dust, so when there is not rain, I am miserable -- another reason it took me so long to get back onto my shop page this year.

So, today when the sun made its appearance between the hours of 1:05 pm and 1:12 pm, I made sure I got a few pictures before the sun retreated. It's not high noon, but it's not post-apocalyptic either. Here are a few of the pictures -- some of these are not in the shop yet, but I will get there eventually:
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