Thursday, August 30, 2012

The conversations my kids have...

I am sitting in my room, writing diligently about "servant-leadership" theory, which frankly is quite an interesting topic. Although I am struggling at finding a 'leader' to interview for my first paper.  I am thinking of going the non-traditional route and interviewing someone who is a servant-leader but not in a traditional 'leadership' position.

But, that is neither here nor there.

While I am sitting here, writing about Greenleaf and Hesse and what I can see as their philosophies on servant first leaders, I hear a heated discussion going on in the living room (my office and work-space for the shop are in a tiny corner of my three bedroom apartment, hey, times are tough.) between my three kids.

It went like this:

Aidan:  I think Mommy should be black widow, because she already has red hair.

Madison :  I think if she is black widow, she will complain about the pleather outfit.

Timmy:  Do you think if she is Black Widow, that Dad will be Hawkeye?

At this moment I literally spewed coffee from my lips, thank god I was looking away from the computer at the time.

However, shortly after this argument, they all came running in asking if I was going to be Black Widow for Halloween.  They all sounded like the kid from "Home Alone" finding out he was "Home Alone".

"Well," I said, "I haven't really given it much thought...being not even September and all."

They then went into this talking over each other argument about the importance of Mommy being black widow, so they could be other "Avengers" for Halloween.

You know what?  I am thinking they are getting a little old for this holiday anyhow, although I am certain that if their Dad does happen to make it home (after four deployments, a tour in korea and two full years living down in Louisiana, where I can't breathe) for halloween, he will be certain to take them out for the candy.

Here's to hoping I can get what I want out of it though, and have him dress up as Wolverine.  Or any Hugh Jackman character for that matter--even the dude from "Kate and Leopold."

It makes me wonder though, about two things:  how early do you prepare for holidays in your shop, or even in general?
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