Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Dirty Little Secret... And A DIY Video!

A dirty little secret in my life that not many actually believe:  I am not a creative person.  Yes, I run a creative business filled with lovely things -- but I am honestly not creative myself.

I often see my daughter doing her arts and crafts -- she does both -- and I am amazed.  For while yes, I often make very pretty things with my hands, it is not creative. (In my case).

I recently began shooting and editing videos teaching how to make the products I sell in my Etsy Shop.  My son and I are doing it together -- it's something I enjoy from way back before he was born and something he is learning just now, as an elective in High School. 

Back to creativity.

The reason I say I am not creative is not so that everyone comes running out and says "Oh, but Maggie you are so creative..."  It's really not about that at all.   Because when I look at my products, and now look at "how" my products are made from an analytical "videographer" standpoint I realize just one thing:

The beauty in my so-called creativity lies in mathematical proportions of balance.

So -- now comes the time that I show you my first video (in a very long time -- and certainly my first DIY/how to).  My son and I worked on this together, and it was honestly difficult for me to give up the reigns for him to film it.  But, as he couldn't be the one making the product on the video -- we have to go with what we have, poor voicing and all.  Give my kiddo credit though, he just finished his first semester of Video Production -- so look at the below as a "first try".  We will be doing much better in the future, but I wanted this out there in time for Valentine's Day -- and frankly Spring Weddings. 

Here is the Photo of what I am teaching you to make:
Heart Drop Earrings -- Sapphire Blue

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