Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Behind as behind can be....

I've been moving this month.   It's long, arduous and often annoying.  

We closed on a beautiful house (with lots of new room to set-up for a studio) with an exciting old-growth property.  I have yet to set up the studio fully yet -- because the move is taking me forever -- you wouldn't think that a 3 mile move would take all month, but here we are, entering week three on having the keys.  I am about to head out with the kiddos to finish moving out of our apartment.   I hope that goes well.

But part of the problem is the timing -- I needed to get the garden in almost the moment we closed because it was so much later than we planned. Part of it is the kids just getting out of school yesterday, and hubby out training soldiers in California.  So, I have been doing the moving tiny load by tiny load mainly into the garage here at the house.

But, I think the biggest part is my excitement -- every time I go into my back yard, I find something new to enjoy, which stops me from setting everything up because I have to identify it (thank you google images for help in that process.

When we were first looking at the house -- we saw this blossoming.  Oooh, cherries.  But -- we didn't know what kind until they started 'ripening' a week or so ago. They are Rainier cherries -- those lovely golden and pinkish red variety. 

After we put the offer down, we found the tree below blossoming.  I went home and identified it as apples of some variety.  Again, we won't know until they come in, but how exciting. 

It looks like it may be a grafted tree -- with a few different varieties now. (you can see the base of the cherry tree in the background.  That sucker is huge. Oooh la la. While those are ripening, I find myself out there every evening picking ripened cherries right off the tree and having "dessert".  Bonus side effect of that dessert?  My weight is dropping like winter rain in the pacific northwest.  Maybe I will be totally thin by fall. 
After a bit of time tooling around, waiting to close, my husband found this beauty.  So I had to identify it.  I looked like plums -- but they were still pretty small, so I had to check.  This time I took one of the fruits and went to a nursery to check.  We were pretty sure it's Plums.  Oooh, plums, you know that's right.  Now there's the whole "what in the world am I going to do with all those plums?  Looks like gallons of sugar plums are in our future as you can see below -- how many plums are on that sucker.

So I went out this morning -- to check on my garden (above is a portion of it) and I bump head-long into a tree that seemed like something ornamental.  But, there are little nut type things laying on the ground -- and I HAD seen a squirrel having a field day yesterday near that tree).

So, I called my mother, as I often do and said "I think it's hazelnut, Mom -- I can't really tell until I get on google images inside, but I am pretty sure that's hazelnut scraps on the ground."

So, I look it up -- sure enough, looks like hazelnuts.  Looks also like I will be making another trip to the nursery today to get this identified -- because Mom LOVE hazelnuts.  And maybe, just maybe, I can make my own Nutella.  LOL.  Of course I am thinking about Nutella.

Makes sense why my studio isn't set up fully yet -- right?  I am pretty sure I saw some pear trees this morning, but I won't know until I get those identified also.   So exciting.

Does anyone know if that really is a hazelnut tree?  Answer in the comments :)

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