Friday, June 27, 2014've got a summer cold.

Summer colds are brutal, nasty and no one wants to deal with them.  Colds are expected in winter, almost as a seasonal right of passage.  But, when something creeps up on you in the summer-time it's such an annoyance -- you just want to throw your hands up and scream.

Last Friday, I was lethargic.  I was pretty certain I was having allergy issues and too much stress from the move.  So, I took a day off from everything.

I sat in my bedroom, watching netflix the whole day through.  I went outside just to water the garden -- and look at my trees I love so much.  I figured that if I took one day to recuperate, I would be fine to keep on keeping on the rest of the weekend.

I noticed my eldest son laying down covered in a blanket that afternoon -- so I checked on him, sure enough he was with fever.  But I figured maybe he had a allergy issue also that just became a "sinus infection."  So, I went to the store, miserable and hating every single minute, and got tons of juices and drinks for he and I to just veg the rest of the evening with.

And, I got home to the youngest starting to cough and having watery eyes. Followed the next morning by my daughter just not being able to get out of bed.   So -- I called my mother:  she is coughing and hacking on the other side of the phone-line.

Well, there we go: a summer cold rears it's ugly head.

It's a miserable situation -- because it's so pretty outside, and I have a million tiny little things to do to clean out the apartment and we are all kind of stuck here waiting to be correct when we say: tomorrow I will feel fine.

We have yet to be correct -- and now we are to the point of "well, we will finish the apartment tomorrow so that we can set everything up properly after that."

It's tough for me though -- because I really want to show you all how the studio is coming along.  However, I really can't because it's really not coming along.

Here's hoping that this weekend is the last weekend of stress (now that hubby is coming home and can help with the tiny little bits remaining in the apartment).  I have about half a dozen half finished new designs -- which kind of makes me chuckle when I think about it.

Here's hoping you also have a great weekend this weekend.

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