Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Weather ... or Commit to a Season Already!

I have a habit of checking the weather, daily.  It's odd I know, because generally if you know the five day forecast -- you really should be okay.

But, not here.   For example, when I checked the weather yesterday morning it said today was going to be bright and sunshiny -- like go find those sunglasses you put away last September, Seattlites: You're finally going to need them.

It's pretty much the same for me though -- either I wear my sunglasses in the rain because I am obsessive about having something polarized during the fickle Pacific Northwest Weather spurts -- Or, come April or May I am buying a new pair.

This year it was kind of both -- because for whatever reason I kept breaking my mid-winter sunglasses.

But back to Seattle's fickle weather forecasts -- Yesterday it said today would be bright and sunshiny.  Today I awoke to overcast, foggy, totally confused weather.  And weather.com told me this morning that today was now going to be AM clouds / PM sun.  Sigh.

There's a bit of a nip in the air -- but it's the level of nippy where you don't know whether or not to wear a light sweater, because you will just be taking it off and putting it back on until the Sun finally burns away the clouds.  At which point, I may add, you will be wishing you could just wear a tank top without getting funny looks from people.

Wow -- what a bunch of nothing for this blog post, my bad.

Anywho -- I found this fabulous Blue Treasury just wonderful for today's weather -- so I had to have an excuse to share it.

Blue Fashion by Ilaria at IlMondodiPetra

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