Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ooops, I did it again...

I've not been focused on my shop -- I did it again, and just before another jewelry show.  As my mother says: You always have so many pans on the fire you are inevitably spun up like a top.  

She's right you know.  This last weekend for example, I drove hubby to his "business trip" (read: Temporary Duty in the middle of nowhere for the Army), I sold a few lovely pieces and got them off in the mail, I produced an entire website, three videos, helped on a campaign for Military Spouse of the Year, thought about grocery shopping and have been attempting to catch up on my Master's thesis.  I am about three weeks behind on that. 

Besides all that last weekend-- my old Army injury flared up, making me lose about 80% use of my right arm -- ensuring that I did all the above left handed only. I lost the keys to my husbands car -- I washed mountains of laundry (putting NONE of it away, just adding to the pile of folded clothes on the top of the dryer) I took care of one sick kid -- I got some massages to work out the injury, and I read a million articles (well about 40) for my thesis.  

So, I have looked at the shop here and there -- but basically I have been going a million miles a minute and feeling like I've gotten nothing accomplished. 

In fact -- the dryer just finished with it's ominous buzzing and frankly, I am unsure if I want to complete that "chore" for today.  

I really want to be playing with the jewelry -- I want to be prepping my list for the show.  I have most of the list in my head -- but if I don't go with a plan this weekend, I will make crazy impulse buys and in a week or two I will stare at a pile of gemstones wondering aloud for days:  What on earth was I thinking?

But alas -- though I hit the show in two days with my mother -- I know also that I must focus on my school-work first, and write this thesis. 

You all know of my mother right?  And her fabulous taste in gemstones?  She chose the stones for the below beauties:

My mother knows feldspar like no tomorrow -- the three sisters of flash heavy feldspar are some of her favorite stones: Sunstone, Labradorite and of course, Moonstone.

Iolite Hoops in Sterling Silver: She has a thing for the lovely blue Iolite provides.  There is also a set of these lovelies in 14k Gold Filled.

Multi-tourmaline Hoops -- Mom had me make these in a perfect rainbow.

Pink Garnet Hoops  We kind of chose these together, but she picked out the ultimate strand.  She also picked these perfect Nectarine Spessartite Garnets.

I will still continue the spring colors series soon as I still have a few colors left. But until then, I will be neck deep in books and reading.  I will also at some point in the next 48 hours have to finish two chapters of my thesis, so that I can enjoy Friday with Mom and not be spun up like a top.  

Until then -- here's to Spring being just around the corner :)

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