Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Trouble with Sunshine -- and Vanity Prevalence

Sometimes I am just in awe when that momentous, bright yellow thing appears in the sky.  It's astounding.  And without a doubt, even though I wear sunglasses all winter long in the gloom of Seattle -- I can not find my sunglasses again when the sun rears its bright sunshinyness.

It's a tragedy for me really -- when I can't find my sunglasses.   Not because I am as concerned about UV trouble with my eyes as I genuinely should be -- but because I am 35 years old and a little obsessive about crows feet. No,  seriously -- it's one vanity point within the deep dark recesses of my soul I will forever fight to keep at bay.

See, there are a ton of things I could do to help with the wrinkle factor -- you can find them on any google search, for what is google, but the ultimate vanity breeding machine?

I could drink more water.  That's  pretty much a no-brainer. Trouble is -- I got so used to buying bottled water when I lived in Texas (I wasn't fond of the water there and britta and pure water filters only went so far) that it's nearly impossible for me to gauge how much I am taking in on a daily basis.

I could drink less coffee -- this goes hand and hand with the above.  Trouble is when I limit myself to a certain number of cups a day, my "cups"  (which is actually a specific unit of measurement, rather than the design of a liquid holding dish) get larger and larger by the day.  So my 2 cups a day will still end up being oh, 48 ounces -- making null and void the "8 cups of water a day" that is often recommended.  I have now got to add on to that everything I have also had in coffee -- making me become far more acquainted with the "ladies room" than I prefer in a given day.

I could buy vast amounts of old-lady cream.   This is my preferred method of battle as it is my firm belief that old lady cream is the nectar of the gods.   I look in my "medicine cabinet" and find "Origins,"  "Lancome,"  "More Origins," Hair dye (to cover the unseemly gray my red hair seems to proliferate for no apparent reason), and possibly some medicine.  But, that is more likely to be found under the sink in my bathroom as it's just not as prominent as my vanity struggle against crows feet.

What I do not find in my "medicine cabinet" or "powder room" at all -- is my biggest weapon against crows feet:  Sunglasses.

Why sunglasses?  Well, I drive a lot, and I laugh a lot, and I generally am a pretty happy person -- so crows feet and laugh lines sure are coming.  So what do sunglasses have to do with anything?  Well, when I am driving around -- in sunglasses, even in the rain -- I am seriously much less likely to squint.

I do not, however, make use of sunglasses when taking photo's for the shop -- if anyone has figured out how to do that -- go ahead and send me a link in the comments :)

Until then -- I guess it's good to be happy it's springtime.

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