Friday, February 22, 2013

Spring Colors: African Violet

I admit -- I have never been a lover of flowers.  I only know the differences between the biggies: Roses, Lily's and my personal favorite, Tulips.  I sure do love me some tulips. 

So when one of the colors was announced as "African Violet" I was all kinds of "ught-oh," because I barely know what violet is, let alone "African Violet."

See, I think I grew up on the 8-pack crayola -- not the 128 or 150,000 Pantone is clearly working with. So for me -- even well into my almost ten years of jewelry design, colors have been like a rainbow--red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black.  And, I suppose pink.  

The pink is more like an add-on to me, like the "and sometimes Y" when working with vowels.  

So African Violet is somewhere between true "purple" and lilac -- but I would hazard closer to lilac.  So the most obvious gemstone would be amethyst -- but not just any Amethyst -- Rose de France Amethyst, sometimes called "Pink Amethyst."  You can imagine what "Pink Amethyst" does to my stoic brain -- I mean is it pink or Amethyst?  

Because to be honest, Amethyst is actually a specific color of quartz -- so how can you make that "color" pink instead of it's true form, Amethyst?  

Rose de France Amethyst Earrings
It boggles the mind.  Especially a mind like mine that like to look at what words mean (semiotics) to people -- like, what makes green mean green linguistically.  Or to go back to the subject at hand, what makes "African Violet" the color it means in the Pantone universe?

Rose de France Amethyst Large Heart Hoop Earrings

Massive hoops and a Dangle -- yeah for Rose de France Hoop Chandeliers :)

These Pearl Earrings are some stunners -- they can be found in my Bridal Line, But the softeness of the Lilac Pearls can be worn anytime, not just at weddings :)

These lovelies have both "African Violet" and "Lemon Zest" it's like a 2 for 1 deal on these 1.25 inch Ametrine Hoops in Sterling Silver

OMGosh it's jewelry that isn't earrings!  This Rose de France Cluster Cocktail Ring is made to order in the shop.

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