Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tender Shoots -- ahhh spring

Following the previous post, my next color is tender shoots.

A lovely Spring green -- it really is divine for spring, isn't it?  Here are a few items in Tender Shoots...

 Peridot inherantly lends itself to the title "Tender Shoots".  These are a smaller hoop -- 30mm or about 1.25 inches -- wire wrapped with a rustic cut roundelle.  These are smaller hoops -- but still a statement with the rich tender shoots peridot.  Check them out here.
 These beauties -- though you can see the most stark contrast with the preidot (tender shoots) also have a slightly pink "Linen" which is also included in the 2013 colors. These modern cluster earrings are just fabulous, feminine and fun.  Check them out here.
 This is a chunky lime green candy jade necklace that also holds the wonderful title of tender shoots in the sunlight.  The roundelels are 14mm by 6mm making this a statement piece, gemstone and not too heavy.  This is hand knotted on matching silk thread and currently finished in Sterling Silver.  If you want it finished in 14k gold filled instead, you can convo me about any changes.  See more pictures here.
 Ahh, peridot, I have loved you since the moment I started making jewelry.  In fact, the first jewelry set I ever made was peridot chips and rose quartz -- all about the feminine nature of gemstones when I started. These are high end peridot faceted roundelles, perfectly sized and wire wrapped around 45mm sterling silver hoops.  If I could pull off large hoops -- a pair of these would be in my jewelry box already.  Just Lovely.

These Quartz Earrings are one of my favorite so far in the shop.  Elegant, huge, and they have that hint of medieval jewelry appearance with the large facets still bringing out the super shiny.  I love these so much and would rock them all the time if I had a reason too.  But, dont fret, I bought myself some light pinks to make a similar pair to wear.  Must be the love of "Pretty in Pink" and Molly Ringwald's Red hair that rivals my own. These lovelies are here.

You can also search the colors in my shop to find what I have tagged with these colors -- there is a lot more variety than these for extra pop.  Think of these pieces as a way to be trendy -- but not having to sell out a ton of money for a new wardrobe.
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