Thursday, February 21, 2013

Spring Colors: Lemon Zest

It was a rough weekend around here -- what with the kids seeming to ignore every request for chore completion I could throw at them. It was also one of those necessary weekends to do some serious spring cleaning.   Don't worry, I am still fully booked for more weekends of spring cleaning. Sigh. 

But, since we're working on colors for spring, I decided after this long weekend of cleaning, steaming and cooking to look at something a little sunshiny. 

Lemon Zest. 

I don't know about you but lemon zest as a color name just makes me think of that one ingredient I forget most of the time when cooking -- because you know the idea of zesting a lemon and not using the juice bugs me and my OCD in the kitchen nature.

But Lemon Zest the color -- it's really quite pretty, and one of my favorite gemstones bringing this color to bear is "Lemon Quartz."  So, when I knew I had to get more lemon zest in my shop -- I went to CraftyMothers on Etsy and Searched "Lemon Quartz"

The thing about Kate at CraftyMothers is that her taste in gemstones rivals my own -- she has exquisite taste in colors, clarity and quality, and she ships uber fast.  I ordered a few pieces that I still have to make in Lemon Quartz, but I still have a few items to show you from my shop.  
But first, I want you to see these lovely citrine quartz earrings Kate made for her other shop, SapphireSmith, that also hold true to "Lemon Zest" for Spring.

And now for a few Lemon Zest from my shop -- by the way sorry, Lemon Quartz is a pretty tough stone to photograph.

These "Lemon Quartz Earrings" are finished in 14k Gold Filled.  And, they Sparkle. Boy, do they Sparkle.
These beauties are Heliodor and Swarovski Crystal -- wire wrapped on 30mm Sterling Silver Hoops.  What I love about heliodor is that it's the yellow form of beryl -- or a sister stone to both Aquamarine and Emerald.  Nice, eh?

Anyway -- I hope that got a little sunshine in your day, Maggie is off to clean the kitchen her children have destroyed leaning how to bake stuff in the cold, rainy winter that is Seattle. 


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