Tuesday, February 12, 2013

OMGosh It's almost Spring: Dusk Blue

While I do understand that a lot of you are still kind of digging out from Nemo -- which I am pretty sure was named after Cpatain Nemo from 20,000 leagues under the sea, not "Finding Nemo" -- It's been a semi-mild winter here in the Pacific Northwest.  Which is good since last year was BRUTAL with all that crazy snow and ice and 10 or 50 year storms or something.  Literally, I was glued to the Cliff Mass Weather blog -- when I had power that is.

But spring is just so lovely -- everything pops up from the ground and you can really understand why the ancient Greeks had that whole Persephone story about winter and such.  Personally I liked the relationship as portrayed in "The Lightening Thief".  Funny Stuff.

But, with spring comes a new set of colors we are all supposed to know and love -- personally I can't pull off "nectarine" but Emerald -- now Emerald is so my color.  So without Further Ado -- here are some items in my shop matching the colorscapes for Spring 2013.  This will be a many Part Post -- look for the other colors in the coming days :)

Dusk Blue:

Labradorite naturally has multi-blue flashes, including dusk blue...
 These Lovely Hoops were designed inadvertantly by my mother who asked for a pair of hoops, made in 14k gold filled, with the labradorite wire wrapped on the inside to make for smaller more elegant earrings. They can be found here : Labradorite Hoops
 This Labradorite Statement Necklace is one of my favorites.  It has some serious dusk blue flash -- my mother hand picked this strand at a show a while back, I just didn't have the heart to put it in the shop :(  The photo here was taken away from direct sunlight, so you can imagine the flash in sunshine.  This Statement Piece is Here.
 These Labradorite and Peacock Pearl earrings are fun. flirty and full of flash. Larger hoops were wire wrapped using a mathematical formula to allow for flash and weight reduction between the labradorite gemstones and the peacock pearls.  So Fun and flashy, I am surprised my daughter has not stolen them.  Giver Her Time -- but I can always Make More

Above, you see Thai Sapphire fashioned into dainty heart hoops.  Thai Sapphire is the Perfect Dusk Blue -- and these 14k gold filled heart hoops are divine. The perfect mix of trendy and everlasting elegance, these are so perfect for a million occasions.
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