Thursday, February 14, 2013

Spring Colors: Grayed Jade

Mmmm, yummy grayed jade.  I like it for it's subtle yet steely green undertones.  Because, you know, I like green a lot -- since it plays off my hair so well and brings out the green in my eyes.  But, a girl can't always wear Kelly Green or Emerald.

 These pearl hoops were the first attempt to really get a grayed jade in the shop -- they are really lovely.  Luckily, I made them in 14k gold filled, or again, they would have wound up in my jewelry box, or more likely, my daughters. See, pearl is her birthstone, so she is certain every single pearl that enters my studio must in fact land in her jewelry box.
 Since we're talking "grayed jade" how about some actual jade?  This Necklace is made with natural jade in multicolored beads -- so it's got everything, Linen, Grayed Jade, French Roast, Some Wines, Caramels, etc. It's pretty divine -- and again, actual jade -- or grayed jade.

These are just plain fun.  A lovely green African Opal that is in fact a lovely grayed jade, or even, light emerald color.  Don't worry, we're getting to Emerald.But these were made after a smaller set was already made for the shop -- and luckily, a customer pointed out the error of my ways in being just this side of lazy and copying and pasting the description.  These host 30 gemstones on each 45mm sterling silver hoop and are really quite fun.  There is only one available in the shop as I only bought one strand at the last show I went to.  In November.  There isn't another show for me until March :(  But until then, this one pair is in the shop here ... assuming I can get another strand (or 3) they may make another appearance later this spring.
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