Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Someday it will be spring...

I have been playing around with treasuries on Etsy and Collections on Artfire -- really because I am kind of taking a bit of a post-holiday break from creating.  Don't get me wrong, I have a ton of plans, but I am just taking a little breather and checking out what others have to offer.

Now -- I love both Etsy and Artfire, don't get me wrong.  But with Etsy, there isn't the ability to create a widget beyond a "treasury pin" that I have found -- but on Artfire it's right there, ready for you to use.

I made this Hemlock Collection yesterday -- because it looks as though Hemlock is just a very slight variation from Mint (as in just a name change from what my eyes can see.)  And I am embedding it here, because I think that ability is kind of cool -- plus I like to show what others are creating out there in the world.

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