Friday, March 21, 2014

Feeling Guilty on the First Days of Spring

This time of year -- March and April, are when there are big Gem and Jewelry shows I go to with my Mom and sometimes the kids (not as often anymore as they are all entering the teen years and want more freedom).  I love the shows most of the time -- but sometimes I am a bit disappointed.  It used to be November (just before the holidays) was my big purchase time, but I have found that the November shows up here in Seattle are just not quite as big and full of diverse venders than March and April.

I know -- kind of a little rant up there, right?

So, this time of year -- right around the first days of spring I am often so far into my shop that I seem to be barely coming up for air.  Also -- as my mother says -- like clockwork, I start looking for a house. Yes, we still live in an apartment up here -- and so my home studio is teeny tiny compared to what I would like.

Enter a house I have been drooling over (well the yard more so than the house -- plenty big for fabulous gardening, tiny little house so I won't be spending the bulk of my days vacuuming rather than creating) dropping in price a few weeks ago.

As a joke, because I know I can't technically count my income from my shop yet (there are not enough years to average my income in my mind) I clicked the little "contact realtor for a showing" button on the Zillow app.

That afternoon -- Hubby and I were touring the house (he had to put those little slippers over hit Army boots to view, making me laugh hysterically) and falling in love. With the house -- not each other, we've got that covered.

In the subsequent weeks we've been doing preliminary work to purchase the house -- which is some stressful stuff I must say.

Because of that stress I have been such a bad business person I want to slap myself silly.  I haven't been updating my facebook page, or engaging as much as I should, my son and I making videos for the shop have kind of ceased for the time being.  It's a lot of paperwork -- and daunting stuff for someone who, in this Army life has never purchased a house before.

I have even barely been creating with all the wonderful things I got at the show recently.  It's some beautiful and inviting stuff in fact.  And kind of a bummer that I have barely been making -- let alone listing the stuff I have made.
Deep Burnt Orange Sunstone Briolettes I still have to make.

Ethiopian Welo Opal Briolettes I have made into a few things -- a pair of earrings (found here) and a necklace I still have to list, sigh.

I made these gorgeous wine Garnet Briolettes into a pair of simple earrings -- and haven't listed them yet.

This is Moss padparadscha sapphire -- I also made these into earrings, dainty and lovely -- but still not listed either. 
I feel like I am just so far behind -- and now the spring cleaning bug has arrived after the long, cold winter.

Here's hoping for brighter days.

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