Sunday, March 23, 2014

Organizing or why I would rather be baking bread

I have to do some serious organizing today -- and it's almost 10.   I ran out of coffee creamer, making my life less than fabulous today.  But I have also been playing with my new website:

I am playing with it, not to see that I can make it outside of anything -- but to prove to myself it can be done.  It's super fun learning html and css from scratch, without a text book.  Even more fun trying to figure out the whole meta thing and such -- meanwhile working with a laptop that while super cool is not exactly what I am used to.  PC to Mac?  Not fun sometimes.

I am still feeling like I am behind for the spring additions to the sites -- barely have I made new items for any shop.  Did I mention I have Star Sapphires?  Yeah -- exactly, why would I not be making fabulous earrings or a necklace from rich, shiny star sapphires?

Because I have to organize -- and rearrange, and clean, and do all that Suzy Homemaker stuff also.  Which parts of are pretty fun -- like the look on my kids face when freshly baked bread leaves the oven and the butter is just melting into each slice.  Other parts, though -- like vacuuming and putting away laundry?  I can do without those.

So last post I showed you some pretty gemstones I got (sans Star Sapphires -- those deserve a post all to themselves.    Here are a few items made with them:

Padparadscha Sapphire Earrings and in my New Shop Here

I haven't listed this Opal Necklace Because I haven't figured out how to take the photos properly.

Garnet Boho Wrap Bracelet and in my New Shop Here

Labradorite Post Earrings  in my New Shop Here
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