Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Colors...

Spring and Summer this year have some fabulous colors in the fashion world -- I get it.  But for some reason there is a lot of pink going around and being liked.   I made this adorable pink treasury yesterday:

Pink by Me!

I think it's just the longing for the soft warmth of spring that draws people to the color pink.  There are lots of statements to be made about pink but frankly, I still secretly adore it.  I think it's the song, Pretty in pink. 

I mean seriously -- who doesn't love a little Molly Ringwald mixed with the Psychedelic Furs?   It's like April showers bringing may flowers.  

So pink, even though it's not a 'popular' color for the season -- it's like a habit impossible to break.  As soon as those little pink and white blossoms appear on the trees, pink is like coming home to spring-time. 
Soon, the world will be "mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful" as e.e. cummings put it so well.

Pink Spring by PearlesPainting

I don't know about you -- but I threw open the windows today in the house and studio.  It's still a little too chilly for it, but the freshness is so necessary today.   I hope you get to do the same too -- although I admit, I totally took sinus medicine BEFORE those windows were opened.

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