Monday, March 17, 2014

Feeling St Patricks Day...and other reasons to cook a "destination meal".

Hubby and I are not well to do in any sense of the word. Like many Americans, we simply "get by." Sometimes by the thin ice we most certainly skate.

But, every year on this very date -- we have the fight on wearing green.  I personally am wearing two green shirts -- though deep down (thanks to my Mother's love of genealogy) I know I am not the slightest bit Irish.

However, I and two of my three kids have red hair that runs deep.  My oldest, in fact, who is in his teen years actually seems to be getting a fully red beard.  But, with the red hair, everyone assumes there is a wee bit of Irish in us.  The wee bit is actually Scots -- which if you know your history were invaded by the Vikings (pirates historically) from much of Norway and present day Denmark (where hubby and I were married).

This southern Denmark -- areas of which were Prussia in the past -- is where it is most likely our Red hair lineage comes from, and quite possibly that wee bit of Scots on my Mom's side.

So, on Saint Patrick's Day, we wear green so that we are not inadvertently pinched.  We also celebrate -- as though we are Irish -- because it's just sort of expected after all these years I suppose.  On days like today -- even though it is Monday and I have a ton of stuff to do for the shop and hubby is out doing his Army training -- I make a destination dinner.

What I do is simple -- I peruse Pinterest fora bit and pull in some ideas on Irish Fair -- knowing full well that hubby drank the last Guiness last night.  I then make a few things that need to be mailed and package items up -- and I come home to start making Irish Soda Bread and something with it.

Hubby then chooses our "destination movie"  something that is set in the area we are "visiting" through our dinner and drink. Thus -- we get to "feel" like we are traveling a bit even though we are barely skating by like much of America.  It sort of takes the sting out of things and allows us the freedom to pretend we travel as much as we would like.

Seriously, try it.  I will be donning my Irish flag socks, wearing a few shamrocks on my ears, drinking an Irish Red and trying a few of these:

While it won't make me Irish -- certainly I will be enjoying the views of Ireland on whatever movie it is hubby chooses.

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