Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mama Says...

My mother says it's like clockwork.  In Spring and Fall I do two things:  Look at houses online, and rearrange my own humble abode, relentlessly.

She's right, too.  I have been looking off an on at houses again, although it can get a bit depressing when you realize it's going to be uber fun to get a loan when you are unemployed -- then again the last time I seriously looked for a place (you know, one with enough rooms so that my bedroom didn't double as my studio?)  I was told by the loan guys that I just had to have a job back in my 'career field' for a year, and bam, they would love to give me that loan.

So, I got all excited about finally buying my own house, I looked, I planned, I knew just how I wanted the kitchen and laundry room and my work-space too look.  I even asked hubby if he had any requests -- just that I would love it he said :)

Then congress started fighting about the federal budget and career field job only lasted 13 months.

So now here we go again -- straight into autumn, and I am shutting down the internet for a while in order to completely rearrange my workspace. (Maybe disconnecting from the wall so I can move stuff creates a better picture)

 Don't worry, I've done this before, especially when I have been looking for a J-O-B.  Which I still do, frequently.  Although now I time everything in the house in order to not get behind. It's the OCD, or as my mother puts it "Virgo Moon."

I will be thinking of something super fun for the next post, I promise.   But for now, I have to do the odd little me thing of rearranging everything as fall gets ready to settle in.

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