Friday, September 21, 2012

Promotional Offer

So, I logged into my facebook 'like' page this morning, like I do every morning, and there was a little Facebook Offer scripting jumping out at me. 

Now you should probably know, I do not pay for advertising if I can avoid it at all.  It's just far too expensive for someone sitting at home trying to build a business from scratch while couponing to get food on the table. You all know how the economy is these days :(

But I have to admit, the offer facebook was offering me in order to offer a deal to the customers was too much to pass up.  10$ in free money to 'promote' my offer. 

So, I had to come up with an offer. But their offer and my offer couldn't go along with each other, really.  I have discovered that when I have a sale, it works better if it covers a longer period of time than a "one day flash sale"  like I did for my anniversary this week. 

So while Facebook offered me a one day deal to offer my offer--my sale will actually be the entire weekend this weekend.

But, being the analytical obsessive I am, I still need more data on this process.  See, I am pretty skeptical of Facebook promoted posts, I think they make it too easy for big business to be seen more readily since they have such huge advertising budgets -- but small businesses (like me, or more to the point, TINY) have little to no chance to be seen by potential customers. 

I know what you're thinking:  but Facebook does give the little guy a fighting chance out there in SEO and customer connection land.  Really?  Does it?

I am not so sure -- I need more data on a personal level to see if business is truely better when I work to create conversation rather than sales.   For now, I will try that 10 bucks out and see if it does anything.  While I clean house and post new items I have been designing.

In case you're wondering however, the deal is for 20% off all earrings in the store through Monday morning. 
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