Friday, September 7, 2012

Sapphire: September's Birthstone

I have to admit, I am usually not into birthstones.  Probably because I do not like mine very much, just not a big fan of turquoise or topaz, they just don't call to me. 

However, this month, September, has a fabulous birthstone: Sapphire.

I know what you're thinking: Blue. 

Yes, sapphire is most commonly seen as that wonderful deep blue gemstone.  One of the most famous being Princess Diana's sapphire engagement ring -- don't get me wrong, it was lovely, but a bit large for my tastes.
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As I understand, the ring is now being worn by Kate Middleton, Prince William's lovely bride.  However, I am not a big follower of royalty, so that could be totally wrong.

But Sapphire, though so often thought of as just blue, comes in a wonderful variety of colors, shades, and even a funky similar stone, called Star Sapphire.
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Really, the colors are just about endless.  Personally I like the purple/pink hues.  But, my mother enjoys the yellow hues. I usually buy the blue stones for the shop--but that is more out of habit than anything. 

Sapphire is also a wonderfully tough stone -- it's up there on the Mohs scale near diamond on hardness, meaning even the natural stones, those that are untreated make a wonderful briolette for jewelry designers to work with and not worry as much about the briolette breaking.

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But the fun kicks in with looking at stones, when you start reading about their metaphysical properties.

Since sapphire belongs to the family of the four most precious stones in the world (the others being, of course: diamond, ruby and emerald) it has a long history for people talking about the metaphysical properties.

Some of the more common properties are, protection, prophetic wisdom, and safety on journeys.  Plus, they are shiny and blue.

I admit it, I am a little jealous of my sister, who is lucky enough to have this birthstone.  But, maybe I will be lucky and find out turquoise and topaz have some cool meanings I am overlooking.

Tell me in the comments what you think of September's Birthstone.
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