Monday, September 10, 2012

Once upon a sale...

In the past, I have made and designed jewelry on commission only.  It was a great source of steady income, because often the client wanted the simple, elegant designs I often make. 

Sometimes, it was a nightmare and just having those particular beads sucked the creativity out of me for days on end, until the project was done and I could turn it over.  But, it was income nonetheless, and a great sense of pride did go into bringing someone else's vision to fruition.

It's also sometimes the same with sales in my shop -- I often make items with the customer in mind, knowing I would never be bale to wear that item.  (Often, I like the stone or something about it and can't pull off that color or tone on my pale skin and with my red hair).

Sometimes I also buy something that I know will sell, because it is classic and elegant and can be worn and handed down to always be in style (strand of pearls anyone?).  But, those don't start my creative juices flowing, and sometimes it's just me going through the motions of creating something timeless in order to clear my mind for something fun and trendy.

However, even with all this, I often have feelings for each item of jewelry I make (sometimes it's downright hatred for sucking my creativity out of me).  Sometimes I am really, really sad to see something go.

Maybe it was one of a kind.  Maybe I wish I had the guts to rock it myself. Maybe I made it with a specific person in mind, and I like the memories it generates.

So far this week, both of my sales were bittersweet:  I was glad those beauties will be out in the world to be enjoyed for years to come, but I was deeply attached to both items for different reasons.

The item seen below, my lovely Periwinkle Jade, sold on Saturday and I deeply loved the vibrancy of the color in the jade.  It played off the simple sterling silver beads so well, the necklace just popped.

And, I wish I had had the guts to rock that baby myself:

There is something to be said for a chunky strand around your neck. But, I can't pull it off, with my tiny little neck.

The second item that sold was featured in my post about September's Birthstone: Sapphire

The care that my mother used to choose these stones was amazing.  She stood, walked and chased kids for hours with me at a show in Seattle recently, in order to find the perfect natural Sapphires.  And, of course, it being my sisters birthstone, a lot of love and memories went into making those earrings, thinking about my dear sister in the process.

We had to choose the correct size stone, the right amount of blue for an unheated, untreated briolette; and I had to be convinced to go with gold instead of silver on the finished product.

You can see more of my items here: Shop  Including two more pairs of those lovely earrings.  But, sadly, no more periwinkle jade :(


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