Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ah the stress...

I get stressed just as much as everyone, though sometimes people don't see that.  Right now for example, my son is home being homeschooled--probably badly--and my other two munchkins are still in elementary school.

To add insult to injury I just found out my 9 year old daughter 'borrowed' (stole) my brand new prehnite earrings.   They look like this, only made in silver as I am actually allergic to gold:

But as I sit here--marketing and linking my sites because I am new at this...the little one, Aidan, keeps kicking out my wireless router as he does his schoolwork online. (I have got to get a notebook for organization of my webtrek through this self marketing journey--yes I am that obsessive with organization.)

And last night, in a desperate attempt to calm my stressed bones, I took my new multi tourmaline briolettes and organized it by color.  Man I was thinking I should do mixed color earrings, but now I have it all organized by color and shade of color--AND in tiny little bags.

Things I do to calm my overactive body and mind:

1)Take a Hot Bath
2) Read a Book
3)blast some music through my ipod
4) play with some fiber--yes I do knit also, it's my tactile nature.
And Finally:
5) Organize my beads.

I may just overdo that last one a bit.

Cest la Vie.
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