Monday, March 8, 2010

Kiss My Beads (Review)

I had a rough time last week--trying to find an (almost) local bead and gem store. I drove north to find something new because I had researched some online and decided to go north, rather than south toward Asutin.  That didn't exactly work out.

When I came home I was angry, and didnt get my tactile nature nurtured--but the kids were about to get home so I would not be able to go out again until they did.  So I researched AGAIN, this time for southern bead stores.  I also had to bribe my husband with a trip to Best Buy in Georgetown, Texas.  It worked.

In Georgetown I found Kiss My Beads: . 

Fantastic.  A Little store, smaller than I am used to, but the owner is about to expand.  And, while we are on the subject of the owner--fantastic customer service.   She knew her stuff about beads and gems and exuded a general love of the craft.  I was happy and content in the store, and she treated my kiddos with the respect I love to see in a retail store. While she didn't have a play area (usually a criterion for me to label a store great) she is still one of the most perfect retailers I have found in the Central Texas/Austin area.

I will probably shop almost exclusivly there at Kiss My Beads, just because the owner is so warm, and the gems are so wonderful and placed in great small packages with nearly perfect prices. (Of Course we would all always like supplies to be cheaper, but she had great pricing and really its my cheapness saying the 'almost here.)

Here are a few of the items I made after returning home:
I swear if I had made these in Silver I would never sell them.  They are perfect green Onyx, which she sold in matched pairs birolettes, so inviting and perfect Emerald Green. 
I also bought a fe pieces of Green Chalcedony:

These are almost the same color--the things stone manufacturers are doing with Chalcedony these days!
I am just so exited about finding a great local bead store, and I can not wait to make the fabulous Chrysoprase I bought also.  
Can not wait to go back to Kiss My Beads:
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